Exclusive: 7 Tips You Must Know When Applying For Canadian Study Visa

Today on Schoolxpress, I've decided to cull this post from a very reliable source. Yes one of our own Nigerian with the interest to touch many Nigerian lives, especially those seeking for ways to further their studies in Canada. 

If you've been applying for a Canadian Study Visa, You've spent a couple times at the Embassy bust end up not getting it, then this post is for you. It would guide on 7 Tip you must know as regards your application to study in Canada.

Read her words below

"So many people have been approaching me to guide them through immigration to Canada as students.

For starters, I CHARGE MY FEES.
It's a very tedious time consuming process. I do NOT do it for free.

I realized that most of them have very little or no idea about many things.

For a complete list of things you've been doing wrong while applying for a Canadian Visa, I'll advice you read the 7 points below and have them at the back of your mind as it would help you understand that Getting a Canadian Visa isn't as easy as you thought.

7 Things You Must Have In Mind Before Applying To Study In Canada.

1. Tuition fees: International tuition fees in Canada range between C$8,000 - C$20,000, depending on the school and course. Tuition fees for Masters and PhD are generally cheaper than that of bachelors degree.

2. You need to have your tuition fees + at least 5 million naira (mainly to run your account). Or have a sponsor with whom you can establish relationship with.

3. The process of coming to Canada as a student or via any means is LONG. Those who want September 2018 admission should start NOW. 12 months in advance to avoid rush. Because you need to leave 3-8 months for visa application.

4. It is true that Canada is generous with offer of scholarships (funding) to graduate students (I mean research masters and PhD students), THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES FOR THIS.

Who Is Eligible For A Canadian Study Visa?

5. There are only very few Canadian Universities that will offer you masters with a 2:2 from a Nigerian university. 

Most of them require 2:1 and above from Nigerian applicants with prerequisites from Nigerian universities.

However, the option for 2:2 grads is to do a graduate certificate or graduate diploma program. Then they can proceed to a masters if they like.

6. Have maths and English, plus 3 other subjects at C5 and above to stand a high chance of admission into undergraduate programs. Some schools also accept C6.

How Easy Is It To Study and Work In Canada?

7. You can easily get a part time job to support yourself. Even a cleaning job, just 20hours of work a week will pay you enough to afford your rent, bills and feeding.

Most Nigerians here live a very comfortable. In less than a year, most of them are able to afford to be driving and living comfortably.
But, it's wise to have enough money to last you at least for the first six months".

How Do I Get More Details About Applying For A Canadian Visa?

You will get all other info when you contact me and pay my consultation fees.

Why Should You Trust This Guide?

Because I've lived here in Canada for quite a number of years now, I've studied and currently live and work here, so I know the way to do things when it comes to schooling here in Canada.


My contract with you is the school admission.
I DO NOT GUARANTEE VISAS. Although I will give you all the guide and advice you need in order to make a successful application"

How Do I Contact A Reliable Canadian Visa Agency In Nigeria?

If you're a Nigerian, read this post and would like to contact a good and reliable Visa Agency, Kindly use any of the links below to reach me, I've also left my Facebook handle for you to connect to me easily without stress. 

I'll make out time from my busy schedule to attend to your requests...

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