Rules In Writing An Eye Catching Cover Letter

6 rules to write a sample letter

Sometimes you discover you've submitted more than a lot of Cover letters to different companies but despite all this, you're still unable to win an interview.

On this post I'm going to give you  6 rules to apply when writing a cover letter.

What is a cover Letter?

A Cover letter is simply an Application letter you write to an establishment or a firm in order to apply for a Job. It is most times asked for when you submit your CV through Jobberman or Jobziller.

Ways To Write A Professional Cover Letter

>6 Rules To Obey When Writing Your Cover Letter

1. Ensure its not more than 4 paragraphs

2. Ensure there are not more than 6 lines in every paragraph.

3. Cover letters are not to exceed one page. This is the mistake most people make.

4. Ensure you advertise yourself and not your inability to get a job or your village

5. Append your signature after writing your full name. This is actually when you've closed the Cover Letter.

6. Ask for an interview and don't beg for it. Do not go like I humbly wish to apply for a job. Do not beg for an interview.

Having written the above, I know you'll have a better clue on better ways to write a cover letter.

On my other post, I will leave a perfect template of a CV. I know this will be a help to many undergrads and applicants out there.

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